Swami Mavericks

The Swami Mavericks emphasize developmental-to-intermediate level training, while gaining more personal experience at the competitive level. This rising band of Swamis are staging themselves for a move to the more challenging Junior Swami group and are dependent upon the grasp of the sport, their experience, age, and maturity level. This is a time for them to take some chances, have a lot of fun, and just go for it!

The Mavericks usually range in ages 9 to 12 and are training at a more challenging rate than the RS2 group—they are swimming more and they're executing the strokes with more efficiency. Out of the water, the Swami Mavericks are learning the vital importance of character and how integral this will be in all that they do and engage in, while maintaining high standards of excellence in their academics.

In the water, the main emphasis is focused on mastering stroke mechanics in the four competitive strokes (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle), as well as being given an abbreviated "taste" for Junior Swami-style sets and intervals.Swami Mavericks also continue to emphasize the fundamental aspects of sound swimming: kicking, streamlines, racing starts, and turns, and cheering on teammates to no end! The Swami Mavericks practice four times per week with an invitation to train an additional day with the Junior Swami group on Fridays or Saturdays when they're deemed ready.

Instruction Focus: 80% skills, technique and character-building; 20% training 

Minimum Requirements

  • Willingness to take on more than what RS2 group is given and attend at least 90% of the practices
  • Proficient in all four strokes
  • Desire to improve and compete regularly
  • Great attitude, consistent participation, team leadership qualities, inquisitive

Practice Days/Times

Mon & Wed: 4:00-6pm @ Steiner West Pool; Tues & Thur: 5:45-7pm @ Northwest Rec; Sat: 9-11am @ Northwest Rec