Becoming A Swami

Joining Race Swami is a relatively easy process, but upon agreeing to join our organization, families need to be aware of the commitment and expectations that come with "Becoming a Swami!"

Attendance, character, maintaining academic standards, teamwork, team spirit, service projects, and 100% effort at all times are the hallmarks of this program. When a swimmer commits to our team, they commit to these expectations!

We offer a one week trial period for all prospective Swamis. This allows the family to decide whether the commitment is achievable and the environment the right fit. Additionally, it affords our coaches time to assess the swimmer and determine the likelihood that they will succeed in our special program.

What is the club experience like at Race Swami?

Race Swami has a small club, community-fueled environment. The program is comprised of a roughly 80 athletes, ranging in ages 6-17, spread over five separate groups. We keep our groups small so that the swimmer-to-coach ratio remains manageable and optimum. Almost 100% of our youths' swimming experience began with Race Swami! Our coaches know every swimmers' name regardless of group or whether the coach heads that group. We ensure that those who can't afford the investment of the sport of swimming can still be thriving members of the program.

We celebrate an annual fiesta in the summer and we like to include our awesome donors, team supporters, and community leaders. We also host a number of family-oriented gatherings that allow our team to join together regularly and celebrate team achievements. 

Yes, it's hard work (but equally enriching!). We expect our Swamis to maintain excellent grades, to make every practice they can, to become amazing citizens in the community, and to become dependable, upstanding teammates. There is no easy path to building character and instilling accountability, building character is a lifelong process! Rest assured, our nearly 80 Swamis are happy, hard-working, and confident kids, and they tell us all the time that they wouldn't want to be anywhere else. We have a group of great kids who enjoy spending time with each other and within the team dynamic.

Why Join Race Swami?

Race Swami has become a force in Utah's competitive swimming world, and we're happy to say we did it by attracting local kids to the program with no prior swimming experience — kids who deserve the opportunity to be engaged in a safe, caring environment that puts character first and a "Sí Se Puede!" attitude into everything we do.

Donors and foundations have taken notice, and so have families who see the immense value in getting their kids involved in a swimming program that places a premium on building character. What other program exists in these neighborhoods of Salt Lake County — or anywhere in the state — focused on building character and becoming champions in life, without dealing with financial hurdles? 

The best way to explain, "Why Swami?" is to experience it for yourself! Have your child shadow with us for a week in our pools with our self-driven athletes and dedicated coaches. Have them meet and hang out with our diverse, fun-loving, and welcoming swimmers. Have them taste the challenging dryland regimen or try a day of yoga with our top-notch volunteer instructor and the Swamis. Share a day with us volunteering at a community-supported cause to help others in the neighborhood. At Race Swami, everyone is welcome! 

Joining the Swami family means more than just aligning oneself with a swim program. It's making the determination of taking yourself on a road to self discovery and striving to be the very best one can be. A journey that will surely include building lifelong friendships, becoming a champion in life, and in making a difference!

Contact us for more information on joining!