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Thank you to our 2019 donors:

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Community Foundation of Utah

George S. & Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation

Intermountain Healthcare

JEPS Foundation

Larry H. Miller Charities

Mackenzie Family Foundation

McCarthey Family Foundation

Municipal Bond Consulting

Network For Good

Joanne L. Shrontz Family Foundation

Sorenson Legacy Foundation

Spitz Mediterranean - Cottonwood Heights

Queer Utah Aquatic Club

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Jeff and Shauna Appel

Rick and Kris Barta

John Baumer

James and Carol Beers

Steve and Emily Bleyl

Tom and Cathy Bobbe

Rob and Erin Bowers

Terry and Lee Anne Box

Kevin Boyle

Jim and Glenda Bradley

Tim and Angela Brown

Sarah Buck and Danny Dugan

Andy and Maryann Bugas

Jerry and Cynthia Burchett

Steve and Annie Burns

Demis and Carmen Candelaria

Leonard and Edna Candelaria

Catherine Capriles

John and Debra Carroll

Mark and Pam Chamberlain

Tasha Cook

Bill and Amy Cutting

Rob and Joni Dahle

Garland and Kelly Davis

Sandy Day

Jon and Donna Dewey

John and Lee Diamond

Michael and Sheila Dixon

Stacey Dunn

Robert and Dana Earl

Gina Eborn

Susan Eisenman and Thomas Barton

Patricia Eisenman

Nancy Eisenman

Julie Epperson and Lane Valum

Dennis Erickson

Todd and Kristin Erskine

Jorge Fierro and Erika Puga

Bob and Bette Finnigan

Matt and Mary Chris Finnigan

Pat Finnigan and Keri Tate

John and Carol Firmage

Chris Freymuller and Madoline Witte

Jordan Gerton and Brenda Mann

Gary and Laurie Goswick

Nancy Halden

Peter and Beth Hanlon

Eric and Patricia Hanson

Vance and Pat Harris

Julie Ann Harwood

Kathleen Hintze

Elizabeth Holloway

Kent Holmberg

Bob and Cece Holt

Robert and Victoria Horsey

Pete and Rhea Hristou

Jeff and Cindy Hunt

Cindy Jackson

Andrew Johnson

Maggie Kearns

Robert and Susan Kimsey

David and Nancy Knight

Stewart and Liz Knight

Mark and Stacey Kouris

Mike and Noel Ladner

David and Julie Larson

Barry and Susan Lawrence

Benjamin and Ashley Lear

Becky Leishman

David Leta

Selvan Lingam

Jeff and Julie Lu

Shawn and Doug Mackenzie

Sydnee Madsen

Mark Matteucci and Joan Finnigan

Fumio and Pam Mayeda

Mike and Kathy McGinley

Matt and Amy McKenzie

Galen McKenzie

Sally McMinimee

Rodney Mena and Laura Scott

Amber Mettler

Kent and Susan Mommsen

Keith and Leslie Motley

Kelly Murnin and Mary Suchyta

Ed Muñoz

Frank and Lupe Muñoz

Roger Nedel and Peggy Mair

Frank and Kerri Nakamura

Brent and Shirley Nelson

Joan Newell

Tom and Laurie Niederee

Alex and Susan Obbard

Elizabeth Olson

Mark and Vicki Overfelt

Dan and Jeannie Overman

Heather and Christopher Panos

Jeff and Linda Paoletti

Marzia Pasquali and Nicola Longo

Douglas and Joyce Pell

David Petersen

Heidi Peterson

Randal and Cathy Philpot

Susan Pixton and George Sutton

Phil and Anne Purcell

Anthony and Kathy Ramirez

Don and Kristen Rasmussen

Christina Reddout and Merill McNamee

Jaymi Reddout

Deepika Reddy

Megan Reiner

Gary and Sheryl Reiner

Robert and Wendy Rendon

Mark and Jeanie Resetarits

Chip and Polly Reynolds

Nona Richardson

Wes and Angie Roberts

Rich and Bridget Romano

Stan and Kirsten Ronna

Terry and Lindsay Rooney

Angie Rowland and Rob Rice

Rex and Maria Rundquist

Karen Rymer

John Saez

Dave and Stephanie Saperstein

Paul Savage and Maureen Wilson

Peter and Margie Schloesser

Gregg Schultz

Elisa Schvaneveldt

Maria Schwarz

Ken and Linda Simpson

Paul and Katie Sherick

Gerald and Carol Smith

Jodi Smith

Justin and Melodie Lyman Smith

Greg and Brenda Stevens

Don and Ronnie Strassberg

Andrew Stone

Lauren Storer

Chiya S. and Susan Sutherland

Dick and Georgia Sullivan

Jonathan and Debra Teague

Danny and Sandra Temkin

Robert and Elizabeth Tempest

Tom and Sue Terry

Tyler and Gerolyn Thatcher

Daniel and Lucinda Thompson

Greg and Karen Thompson

Tom Thorum

Bryce and Carol Tripp

Phyllis Vetter

Sue Warshow

Peter and Connie White

Beverly Wiggins

Marilee Yerkovich

Ronald Zeidner

Adam and Katie Zimmerman