Hillary Hermansen

The Bullpen

Hillary Hermansen, affectionately nicknamed "Hillarity" by her swimmers, has been swimming ever since she can remember and loves to swim more than life itself. Hillary grew up swimming in the small town of Kamas, Utah, where she started coaching as an assistant for the local pre-competition swim team. She loved the kids and loved coaching so much that she knew this would be a vocation she’d continue throughout her life. After three years of dedicated service to the team, she left Kamas to experience the world. Hillary lived in Brazil for over a year, speaking fluent Portuguese, and returned to the States a short time later.

Currently, Hillary teaches English at Copper Hills High School in West Jordan. Hillary adores helping the Swamis open their minds to all the possibilities in life, and in becoming the very best swimmers they can be. She is always up for playing the occasional game of Ultimate Frisbee, Dodgeball, or Kickball with the Swamis and the coaching staff. Hillary has become known for her creativity and keen ability to get Swamis to attain things they've never done before. For her, these Race Swami kids are the best ever!